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Create a “boulder” look and style with Redi-Rock walls. At 2,500 lbs. per block and specified with 4000 psi wet cast concrete, Redi-Rock seawalls will protect your shoreline from whatever nature may throw at them..
While other materials can deteriorate, can experience greater creep and stress relaxation, and can lose strength and/or deflect, the strength of Redi-Rock’s precast blocks gradually increases over time. Because of such durability, Redi-Rock blocks offer a virtually maintenance-free structure that will last for many years.
Redi-Rock blocks are cast with nontoxic, environmentally safe concrete that is made from all-natural materials, eliminating the possibility of soil contamination. In addition, optional planter blocks are available to create green walls that provide ample room for indigenous plant life to grow and flourish. Engineered backfill material provides drainage conditions and soil erosion prevention.

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