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Livingston Concrete was founded in 1988. Over the years we have diversified our products but kept our commitment to quality and personal service. We have a very committed staff and drivers that offer friendly service at a competitive price.

Livingston Concrete is a full service supplier of ready-mix concrete. We can design mixes, recommend contractors, supply colors, provide expertise and recommend information on proper finishing techniques.
Awards and Training

Livingston Concrete is a state certified batch plant and uses state certified materials. This was done because we supply concrete to the State of Michigan., the State is very particular who it does business with and wants to ensure that the company it buys from is of the highest caliber. The State therefore sends people out to make sure the trucks are in compliance, that the batch plants scales are certified every 6 months, that the aggregate being used meets or exceeds a set standard such as density of the stone. Why is this important, if the stone is to porous it can trap water in it and when it freezes it can pop from the expansion of the ice. Another reason they want to make sure the stone and sand have the proper gradation, the gradation is important because it will create the best concrete.

Hartland Township name us the enterprise of the year in 2009, this was not only because of our quality but because of the companies commitment to giving back to the community.

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