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Asphalt vs. Concrete

Concrete is a wise alternative over asphalt for Michigan's roadways, parking lots, buildings and structures. Concrete is strong and durable, clean and eye-catching, safe and environmentally friendly.
Concrete is less expensive than asphalt for most applications and provides up to 30 years of virtually maintenance-free service. The cost of asphalt continues to rise with the increase of oil prices, making concrete an even smarter choice.
Concrete has become a decorative extension of building exteriors, with many colors, textures, and designs now available. A well-designed parking area makes a "quality" statement to your home, customers, vistors and employees.
Concrete is safer and more comfortable than asphalt. Its bright surface increases the effectiveness of exterior lighting, thus reducing the number of necessary lighting fixtures. During summer months, concrete stays cooler and does not become sticky like asphalt.

A variety of concrete paving products are available for the many roadway requirments in our state. Concrete overlays do not require the reconstruction of road surfaces. Data shows that the usable life of a concrete overlay "Concrete over Asphalt" is more than 15 years. There are concrete overlay applications dating back to 1983 which are still in service today in Michigan. Asphalt overlays last no more than 10 years.

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